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It’s for everybody !

What are Ciné-ma différence screenings ?

They are movie screenings opened to everybody: disabled audience, able audience, in a normal movie theater, but which are specially fit out in order to be accessible to incredible people and to make them feel good.

For which kind of people ?

Children, teenagers, and adults with autism or with multiple handicaps, or more generally people whose handicap is associated with behavior disorders.
People who can sometimes speak out loud (when they speak), laugh or applaud when they are happy, scream when they are worried, move on their seat and touch the hair of the woman next to them…
In short, people who are not welcomed in movie theaters and who are excluded (and we are not talking about concerts, plays, libraries …)

What is so special during Ciné-ma difference screenings?

First of all, a warm and friendly atmosphere with volunteers that really know this audience et who are present during the all screening.
Then the fact that we inform people when they arrived before the screening that this is a Ciné-ma difference screening and they have rules.  Well, two conditions : the lights are slowly extinguished and  the sound is not too loud.

Ciné-ma difference provides screenings in Saint-Sébastien sur Loire theater, accessible for people with reduced mobility.

  • A team with the knowledge of handicaps, enthusiastic with the idea of creating and organizing movie screenings

  • A day and a time very convenient : Saturdays at 2pm

  • A convenient price : 3,90 euros

To see dates and movies, go to

For further information, you can contact Dominique Le Berre