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Common leisure activities make easier the diversity, the acceptance of disability and the discovery of each other. All the activities are possible. They mainly take place at Treillières, La Chapelle sur Erdre et Sucé sur Erdre. Activities are supervised by competent professionnals and by a permanent member of the association. They are supported by volunteers. Exchange programs with leisure centers, the music school and other clubs are promoted.

The adapted sport offers motor activities presented in order that everyone can benefit from them. It is realized with adapted material in a playful way, which reinforces relationships between able-bodied children and disabled children.

proposes to bring children together around the realisation of an object with natural elements and potting plants. 

The pottery activity is based on the development of children through manual and artistic activities centred around earth and drawing.

The dance activity make children able to move on a music combining the learning of a dance and the pleasure of dancing on suggested exercises.

Orientation days permits to children to discover the climbing activity. Children can practice it in a sports hall in Nantes, and it can adapt to their creativity and personnality.

Mosaic is a manual activity which offers to children to realize diverse garnishments on various supports in a collaborative work.

Musicap is an activity in partnership with the music school to sing, to play an instrument, and practice the voice and the breath.