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Dancing classes are organized by Muriel Vasse, dancing teacher and choreographer of Hamadryade Company:
" The main goal of dancing classes is to practice and to discover the pleasure of dancing in an environment opened to everybody. Dancing aims for learning useful abilitites and knowledge to know better our own body and to express oneself for the pursuit of well-being. The idea is to encourage curiosity and artistic creation as actor but also as spectator."
Sport activities are led by Thomas Lemerle:

" With these activities, the priority for me is to make sure children get exercise. Through different exercises, children are going to know their body, its capacities but also its limits. I am sure this kind of activities brings them lots of physical, psychological and mental benefits (to avoid anxiety, to learn to face new situations, to respect rules, to learn mutual respect and to work in group). "

" With these activities or games, kids grow with always more pleasure and the educator too!

Christian leader of the gardening activity explains:
" A garden for the youngers and the elders, for curious people, for individuals and groups.
Gardens to garden of course, but also to grow health foods, to learn to knock up and protect the environment.

A garden to meet people, to have fun, to relax and to dream…
Fun, sensory and artistic activities.
Activities focusing on direct contact with the environment.
Activities that give priority to the alternation between work in groups and work in autonomy.
Through a collective approach, gardening should permit to everyone to find an interest, to convey knowledge and to know better the others. Diversity represents us and everyone can find its own place because it constitutes seeds which will allow new ideas to grow.



Mosaic is organized by Muriel Dintheer :

" We meet on Wednesday to practice mosaic and other visual arts (drawing, painting,…). We work in little groups on several activities: mosaic cutting, collage, drawing and painting of the support,…
We go through all activities functions of each one’s interests and desires. We make collaborative projects like statues, frescos, tailstocks. Or individual projects like painting, boxes or mirrors.
The aim is to help childrens to enjoy an activity by sharing talents with others."