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Read the story of our volunteers!

Gaylord, active volunteer of the association, talks:
« I've known the association by chance. I just moved in nearby and I was lost in my new environment, I've looked for a place to put a lot of myself into. I had time and love to give. So I approached Un Copain Comme Les Autres.

I knew nothing about the world of handicap, and selfishly I wanted to test what scared me!  By giving of myself, I intended to help them. But the first time I came was a big slap in my face, because instead of giving them something, the opposite happened! I met children, very normal children as the others, who I didn't know since then. They gave me raw love, and  they still give me a lot everyday. With the child's innocence.

They completely changed my life and all my family can tell you about it. There is a "before UCCLA" and an "after". You are not the same man anymore after that. Now, I can think about my life without them. And when people tell me that I'm putting a lot of myself into the association, I answer that I'm not, I just return what they give me. When the things are done naturally, we cannot realize that there is such a commitment.

« I will never than them enough, my Copain Comme les Autres. »