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A meeting between two families, both with a child carrying an handicap: this is where the association finds its roots. During the day, during the week, their child can receive necessary treatments in a specialized framework, but beyond this care, these people feel a deep isolation. Unfortunately, a few of them or none of them can meet other young people of their age, they have very few possibilities to join a club...
8 years ago, these families put out an appeal in the press, about 20 persons from Treillières, La Chapelle-sur-Erdre et Sucé-sur-Erdre answered it. They are disabled children, young people or adults' parents or people affected by this subject.

The municipality of Treillières and the public school Alexandre Vincent give a strong support to this initiative by lending a free of charge multipurpose room. The association organizes judo activity, manualized workshops and diverse discovery field-trips for disabled children.

4 years later, the association is facing a huge number of requests and cannot handle it. It counts around 110 members who are adults and children (30 of them are carrying an handicap) living on the canton.     

It plans at most twice a week on wednesday, on saturday, on sunday, activities bringing together, if it is possible, children, young disabled people and others able-bodied people around sports (adapted sport, judo, sail, climbing), around artistic activities (dance, drama, pottery, music), around manualized works (gardening, cooking), around discovery (Chez Clochette et Libellule, donkey ride) and also bring them together during recreational meeting at Christmas, summer music festival, week-ends.

The association is cantonal (La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, Treillières and Sucé-sur-Erdre). Its main aim is proximity, it is important because families need to gather together within their towns, within their neighbourhood. That is why, the association cannot accept all the families from Nantes and its suburbs. However it is willing to help other families to found the same kind of association in other areas of Nantes.